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LT youth group and pre teen.

Little treasures youth group is for young people aged from 13-19 years of age.

It's a group for post and pre diagnosed young people.

Our youth group is an amazing place to start when young people want to feel accepted and included.

It is for young people who do not need 1-1 support, who can make conversation and can maintain their personal needs. unlike every other group we offer this group does not cater for siblings.

Most parents just drop their young person off and come back when the session is finished. you can stay if your child wants you to while they feel comfortable and thats fine with us.


We also hold activities just for the members of this group, things like quad biking, bowling, rock climbing and any other suggestions the young people make.


The first Friday 5-6.30pm

Third Friday 6.15-7.15pm

every month

£5 per person

Dean Bank institute,

Ferryhill, dl17 8pp

Pre teen sessions

These sessions are for young people aged 8-13 years, siblings are welcome but they must also be aged between 8 and 13 years old.

This is a great session, it gives young people the opportunity to have fun with like minded individuals, while learning new skills and making friends.

Parents must stay with their young person throughout  the session.

£5 for one child and £7 per family.

No need to book.


Peterlee pre teen

Fourth Wednesday every month


The guide hall,

O'Neil drive,



Ferryhill pre teen

First Saturday every month


Dean bank institute, Ferryhill, DL178PP


charlie's chess club.

Do you or your young person enjoy chess?

Maybe they play with their granda, if so fetch him along too.

Our chess club is for people of any age, pros and beginners.

It's a great opportunity to get a hobby, make friends and have fun.

Not suitable for young children/siblings who aren't playing chess.


£4 per player and £6 for a family,

Third Friday every month


Dean bank institute,



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