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Build your future with Little Treasures

By volunteering at Little Treasures, you could benefit from...

• Sense of fulfilment

• Skill development

• Networking opportunities

• Personal growth

• Improved mental health

• Feeling of belonging

• Opportunity to make a difference

• Sense of community

• Builds confidence

• Rewarding

Getting Started

What is Volunteering?

Volunteering involves dedicating your time and effort to help others or support a cause without expecting payment. It's a selfless act where individuals offer their skills, expertise, and time to assist various organisations, charities, or community initiatives.

Volunteers engage in a wide range of activities, such as mentoring, teaching, fundraising, environmental conservation, providing support to vulnerable groups, or assisting with events and projects.


Volunteering not only benefits the recipients of the help but also offers personal satisfaction, skill development, and a sense of fulfilment to the volunteers themselves. In the UK, volunteering plays a significant role in various sectors, including healthcare, education, social services, environmental conservation, and humanitarian aid.

Little Treasures

Volunteering at Little Treasures

Volunteering at Little Treasures Autism Charity offers a fulfilling experience supporting individuals and families with autistic young people.

You'd receive volunteer in a supportive environment, and collaborate with a multidisciplinary team to provide personalised support. Opportunities for personal and professional growth abound as you engage in client interaction, advocacy, and administrative tasks.

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Our activities are for the whole family.

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