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Ferryhill activity session and bouncy castle session.

 When it comes to making a positive change, Little Treasures provides a variety of charitable programs and initiatives for you to get involved with.

We’re looking forward to having you involved.

We don't postcode restrict people, so if you can make please come..

Activity/bouncy castle session.


£5 for one child, and £7 per family siblings are welcome too!

Our activity session is for young people post and pre diagnosed, aged 6-16 offers, board games, Lego, paint by numbers, diamond art and much more. These sessions leads to improved social skills and gives the young people the opportunity to build friendships with others while having fun.

It offers routine, repetitive, structured form of play that many autistic young people  find appealing.

These sessions will help children gain skills in both verbal and non-verbal communication, sharing, turn taking, collaboration, and other social skills..

Our bouncy castle session is for young people post and pre diagnosed, aged 2-16. It is a very sensory session with lots of sensory equipment. It gives the young people the chance to burn lots of energy.

No need to pre book!

Activity session: Third Saturday of the month from 11 - 12.30pm

Bouncy castle session: fourth sat of the month 10.30-12 pm

Dean Bank and Ferryhill Literary Institute
St Cuthbert’s Terrace
County Durham

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