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Here are some photos of our little treasures and their families enjoying some of our social activities over the summer. we have a massive age range of young people from two years old right up to 17 years old. our activities are for the who family.

your autistic child may not wish to participate in our activities but that wont stop your family from joining in, we are a family based charity and offer low level respite for our families offering our activities to all members of your family.

here gives you some ideas of the types of things we offer..

WEB LT 6.jpg
WEB LT 4.jpg
67431009_1311885805634477_3694258283624792064_n (1).jpg
WEB LT 10.jpg
lt web 4.jpg
lt web 1.jpg
lt web 5.jpg
lt web 2.jpg
WEB LT 14.jpg
lt web 11.jpg
lt web 14.jpg
WEB LT 11.jpg
WEB LT 9.jpg
lt web 9.jpg
lt web 12.jpg
lt web 18.jpg
lt web 7.jpg
lt web 10.jpg
lt web 16.jpg
WEB LT 5.jpg
lt web 8.jpg
lt web 17.jpg
lt web 19.jpg
WEB LT 3.jpg
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